Adolescents with disabilities: enhancing resilience and delivering inclusive education

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Author/Publisher: Nicola Jones, Elizabeth Presler-Marshall & Maria Stavropoulou / ODI, GAGE Programme 
Language: English

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This report takes stock of what we know about adolescents with disabilities living in the Global South. Drawing on interviews with 600 adolescent girls and boys with physical, visual, hearing or intellectual impairments, as well as interviews with their parents, teachers and other service providers, it also presents emerging findings from the Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE) research programme in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Jordan and the State of Palestine. The report focuses on the intersection of age and disability – specifically the unique needs of adolescents with disabilities – and the gender dynamics that shape girls’ and boys’ lives. Alongside this, it looks at the particular experiences of adolescents with disabilities who grow up in rural areas and conflict-affected contexts. It concludes by identifying key areas for action – including the need for a more integrated approach that takes account of adolescents’ intersecting needs, supporting caregivers so they can better support adolescents, and tackling gaps in data, policy and funding.  


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