Her Turn

It's time to make refugee girls' education a priority

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Author/Publisher:  Roger Arnold/UNHCR
Language: English

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‘Her Turn’ reveals that refugee girls at secondary level are only half as likely to enrol in school as their male peers. The report finds that social and cultural conventions often result in boys being prioritized over girls. Poor facilities such as a lack of appropriate toilet facilities and menstrual supplies can block refugee girls’ access to schools. Adding to the challenge, the cost of books, uniforms and the journey to school can be prohibitive for refugee families. To help more refugee girls get a quality education, the report highlights a number of actions and policies that are both effective and deliverable. If refugee adults are able to work and support their families, they are more likely to let their children stay in school. No girl should miss school because the journey to school is too far or too dangerous. Refugee girls need better protection from harassment, sexual assault and kidnap on the way to school. There is also an urgent need to recruit and train more female teachers from within both host and refugee communities to ensure they promote best practice and guard against behaviour that will deter girls from setting foot in the classroom.


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