EFA Global Monitoring Report 2011 - The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education

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Author/Publisher: UNESCO
Language: English
ISBN: 978–92–3–104191–4


Violent conflict is one of the greatest development challenges facing the international community. Beyond the immediate human suffering it causes, it is a source of poverty, inequality and economic stagnation. Children and education systems are often on the front line of violent conflict.

The 2011 Global Monitoring Report will examines the damaging consequences of conflict for the Education for All goals. It sets out an agenda for protecting the right to education during conflict, strengthening provision for children, youth and adults affected by conflict, and rebuilding education systems in countries emerging from conflict. The Report also explores the role of inappropriate education policies in creating conditions for violent conflict. Drawing on experience from a range of countries, it identifies problems and sets out solutions that can help make education a force for peace, social cohesion and human dignity.

The report can be downloaded via the UNESCO website.


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