Teaching Well? Educational Reconstruction Efforts and support to teachers in postwar Liberia (2007)

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Publication Date: 2007
Author/Publisher: International Rescue Committee
Language: English

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The IRC is happy to present the following study written by Janet Shriberg, a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University. The IRC has supported Ms. Shribergís research on teacher well-being in Liberia through both field placement and technical assistance.

At a time when the development of a robust and relevant education system for Liberia is so critical, and the IRCís education interventions are being scaled up with a particular focus on teachers, teacher support and development, this study provides important insight on teachersí lives and the conditions in which they work.

This introduction briefly situates the study in relation to the IRCís work in education in humanitarian contexts of different typesóemergency, refugee, chronic crisis, reintegration and post-conflict or post-disaster developmentóas well as to the IRCís global Healing Classrooms Initiative.


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