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Children educated about their rights

By Djimte G. Salomon

24 April 2007 - 150 children have attended a three-day youth camp in Laokassy organised by World Vision. The event gathered together children representing the 57 villages of the Laokassy Area Development Program (ADP).

“We have learnt that our parents have the responsibility to take care of us, to give us clothes and food and even to pay our school fees.  We did not know these things until we came for this youth camp,” said 14-year-old girl of Kab village.

“I thank World Vision for giving me this opportunity to learn something that is useful for my life but also to understand what my rights are as a child in my family,” said the girl.

“I am going to share what I received with my parents first, then with the other girls and boys of my village who have not attended the camp. This is going to change my life because I have received very important information for my future during these two days,” she added.

For Djamou Esaie, the Laokassy ADP camp’s director, the objectives of the camp were to help each child to better understand their rights and responsibilities, and to ensure that each participant knows how to adopt an attitude that helps in preventing HIV and AIDS.

“This is our first step,” said Esaie. “We hope to organise such a training for the parents of the children who generally do not know their responsibilities or just ignore them. We will also call on the traditional and administrative leaders of the sub district to help us implement the child rights because it is a real issue here,” he added.

According to Pastor Nodjigoto Gabriel of the Evangelical church of Laokassy and a trainer at the youth camp, the need for such training is long overdue because parents do not understand what their responsibilities towards their children are.

“I am very happy when World Vision Chad has decided to organise such a training for Laokassy children,” pastor Nodjigoto said. “Before World Vision came in this region, there is nobody from this canton who studied up to the university level. Most children drop out from schooling because they do not receive the support they need to study. With World Vision support, things are changing and the first students are now studying at the university. I hope World Vision will move to train the parents to understand the child protection requirements too,” he concluded.

World Vision Chad has trained community members to become camp facilitators. It has also provided financial support to help in the transportation, feeding and lodging of the children.


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