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Food rations improving female attendance at school

©Venerande Murekambaze/World Vision
By Venerande Murekambaze

24 April 2007 - Last month World Vision distributed rations of 3.6 kilograms of vegetable oil to 15,652 school girls from grade four to six in the two provinces of Karusi and Canzuko, Burundi.

The rations are dependent on regular attendance at school.  Girls absent for more than 3 days per month are not eligible to take home rations for that month.

Among the 50,334 students of the 41 primary schools of Karusi, less than 8,000 are girls.

Ndindiriza Pierre Claver, a teacher of grade six at Karusi primary school said the incentives provided to girls have already positively influenced their success in schools and their effective participation in class.

The number of enrolled girls in school increased this year, improving from 35 out of 84 students in the sixth grade 2006, to 47 out of 80 this year.  Results have also shown that girls are more serious and participate more in class.

Pierre Claver mentioned that in his class the three best performing students are girls.

A 12-year-old female student, said,  I have to work hard and succeed in order to deserve the meals and additional food given to me by World Vision, particularly during this period of hunger in Karusi.

She also confirmed the vegetable oil provided enables her and other vulnerable or child-headed households to eat well-balanced meals.



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