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World Vision opens new school feeding project

©WFP 2006/Stephanie Savariaud
WFP and World Vision have partnered up in Burundi with the aim to save lives, improve food availability and nutrition and increase access to physical assets, knowledge and skills.

By Venerande Murekambanze

28 November 2006 - World Vision Burundi has opened a new school-feeding project in the eastern part of Burundi.

The opening ceremony was attended by the local governor, local senior managers of the education ministry, teachers representing the 26 schools to benefit from the project and staff of the World Food Programme (WFP) and World Vision.

Jules Nsabimana Maguru, the commodities officer for World Vision Burundi said the project would be working in four communes of the province: Mishiha, Niagara, Cendajuru and Kigamba.

Maguru said the goal of the school feeding project is to improve school enrolments, particularly girls, as well as reducing the school dropout rate.  Maguru also indicated that a well-balanced meal would provide good health to the children, enabling them to concentrate in class.

As well as the school-feeding project, children will be sensitized on HIV and AIDS prevention and will learn new farming methods.

World Vision will be providing fruit trees, and beans or pea seeds to be planted in school lands.

Each of the beneficiaries will receive a daily average of 100 grams of cereals, 60 grams of pulses, 15 grams of vegetable oil and 3 grams of salt.

While WFP is providing the food and World Vision is distributing it, the headmaster of each school and chosen teachers will be responsible for the daily management of the food.

The school feeding project will encourage girls’ attendance by giving a reward of 3.6 kilograms of vegetable oil to those who do not miss a class for a month.


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