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Partners respond to the Middle East crisis

Kawther, 3, cries at a shelter in a government school in the Christian neighbourhood of Achrafieh, Beirut, where her family went after hiding in a bomb shelter for three days in the city’s Dahiya district.

UNGEI partners have been expressing serious concern about civilian casualties and new risks to health from escalating violence in the Middle East. To date, dozens of children have been killed, and many more have been injured. Working in partnership, UNGEI organizations are moving quickly to respond to the immediate and urgent needs of affected children and families in the Middle East.

Organisations have responded by focusing first on meeting the basic needs of children and families displaced by the crisis, and will continue to work in the provision of health services, water and sanitation, psychosocial care and education, with a special focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of children. To help children return to some sense of normalcy and routine, safe play areas are being set up in schools, which will offer educational and play materials.

To learn more about how individual partners are responding to the crisis, see links below.


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1 August 2006: UNICEF Radio Correspondent Blue Chevigny presents first hand stories of young people in Lebanon, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.