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Join the E-discussions: Changing Patterns in Boys' Educational Achievement

A Commonwealth Secretariat and United Nations Girls’ Education E-Discussion Hosted by the Commonwealth Education Hub
From 25 January 2016

To engage the education, gender and development communities across the Commonwealth and beyond, the Health and Education Unit (HEU) of the Commonwealth Secretariat and the United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) are partnering to launch an online discussion on Changing Patterns in Boys' Educational Achievement: What Can We Do To Make Things Better?


Some boys excel in school and learning environments while others struggle, lose interest or drop out. Boys’ dropping out from education is linked to multiple, negative and long-lasting outcomes. Educationalists and policymakers agree that boys’ drop out and low educational achievement are major gender issues in education with social and economic implications that affect all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When disengaged from education, boys have often lost confidence in themselves, adopted at-risk behaviors and negative attitudes, and resorted to violence, alcohol and substance abuse, compromising their talent, potential and futures as productive and responsible citizens. Which boys and young men are we talking about? How can education systems better respond to their needs? Should there be involvement of other sectors? Is the situation different now than in past decades? What is having the biggest impact on boys and young men in 2016? What types of interventions would be most useful? How can boys and young men become engaged in the design and roll out of programmes?


The e-discussion will bring together practitioners, academics and policymakers to debate how the education system can better address the interests of boys and male adolescents and allow them to reach their potential, as well as exercise their right to education. The e-discussion will look at related issues and risk factors, as well as a means to address these (e.g. effective policies and projects), and ways of scaling-up and adapting existing and promising practices.
The Commonwealth Education Hub will be hosting the e-discussion which will be launched on 25 January 2016 and will run for four weeks.

TO JOIN THE DISCUSSION please visit the Education Hub site and join the Community of Practice by visiting or alternatively email with your contribution.


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