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ASPBAE at 50: Daring to Persist. Transforming Lives with Lifelong Learning

ASPBAE commemorated 50 years of work in adult education and learning. It is one of the longest standing regional networks in the world working on adult education and has grown, evolved, and adapted to many diverse environments since its inception half a century ago. Born from the vision of a small band of passionate adult educators, ASPBAE’s persistence and survival has been due to the dedication of its members and leaders, the real faces behind its 50 year journey. 

ASPBAE’s beginnings date back to the 2nd UNESCO International Conference on Adult Education held in August 1960 in Montreal, Canada. The Montreal Conference called for greater international and regional cooperation, greater exchange, and greater interaction among researchers and providers of adult education from different countries. Spurred by the call for international outreach, a group of adult education professionals from the Asia Pacific met during the Montreal Conference to explore the possibility of creating a network on adult education in the region. Arnold Hely of the University of Adelaide in Australia led these efforts.

Learn more on this dedicated page about ASPBAE's journey.


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