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Let's Help Young People be Heard

This post originally appeared on the Plan site on 23 September 2014.

By Emily Laurie, Plan Global Advocacy Manager

I am Scottish, but because I live in England, I did not get to vote in the recent referendum on independence for Scotland. But you know who did? Everyone over the age of 16 years who does live in Scotland.

Whatever their view, they were able to voice their opinion and they were listened to. However, giving young people a voice is not something that happens across the world and that is something Plan International is trying to change with our youth advocacy toolkit.

Since we launched the toolkit, it has been received better than we ever expected. It’s been so popular that children and young people want a new way to share it more broadly. To address this we have developed a short animated film, which covers the main lessons from the toolkit.

Up For School
On Monday, 22 September, young people held a rally in New York, supported by A World At School, while the world’s leaders were in the city for the United Nations General Assembly. They held the rally to call on leaders to provide quality education to all children around the world.

With 65 million girls still out of primary and lower secondary school, we need to work with the young people to put pressure on governments and see some serious change.

We are launching this film in solidarity with the rally and the broader youth movement for education. We want to help this grow in size and strength and as a result see millions more children going to school.

Join us in supporting them and share the film as widely as you can.

And join the young people by signing their new petition.

They are #UpForSchool – are you?


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