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Pledge to Work Together for a Better Future for All

This post originally appeared on the Education for All Global Monitoring Report site on 8 September 2014.

The last fifteen years have illustrated that we must all work together, vigorously and with renewed spirit, if we are to achieve development that is comprehensive, equitable and lasting.

A population will never be rid of preventable diseases unless all its members have enough nutritious food. An economy will remain stagnant unless people have access to a quality education. Violent conflict will persist if scarce resources are not distributed fairly. The EFA Global Monitoring Report has the compelling evidence to show that providing all women with a primary education would reduce child marriages and child mortality by one sixth, and maternal deaths by two-thirds.

Without cooperation across borders, agencies and citizens, the full force of changes to our climates will be felt, and no more so than by those who already face economic constraints and limited opportunities. A new generation of educated and skilled youth and adults is needed to help us understand the fragility of our environment and to find ways to protect it.

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