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UNGEI Expands its Global Advisory Committee

New York, 22 July 2014 – Addressing girls’ education and gender equality issues in a changing global context can be a challenge, to say the least. To ensure that we are well equipped to be effective leaders in this field, UNGEI has expanded its membership of the UNGEI Global Advisory Committee (UNGEI GAC). We are pleased to officially welcome to the group:

Global Education First Initiative Youth Advisory Group (GEFI YAG) represented by Sumaya Saluja;
Care International, represented by Ginny Kitz;
Comparative, International and Development Education Centre (CIDEC) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education represented by Carly Manion; and
FHI360 represented by Andrea Bertone.

UNGEI is a partnership of institutions with the goal of bringing more girls to school. The initiative works at global, regional and country levels to ensure that girls receive a quality education that prepares them to be full and active participants in their societies.

The UNGEI Global Advisory Committee (GAC) shares in planning, decision-making, guidance and accountability for the entire partnership. It is comprised of multilateral agencies, bilateral agencies, inter-governmental agencies/inter-agency networks, private sector and related foundations, civil society organizations and academia. Read more about UNGEI’s Governance Framework here.

To respond to current demands, UNGEI decided to expand the GAC membership with the aim of having more geographic representation from the South; address areas which are not covered such as the Middle East and Latin America; and have more organizations representing academia, the private sector, youth and the women’s movement.

We look forward to these new collaborations and delighted to see the growth of the the UNGEI global governance body.

To learn more about UNGEI partners and what we are collectively doing in the area of girls’ education and gender equality, please visit our partners’ page.



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