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UNGEI Fund for Documentation of Good Practice Update, April 2014

16 April 2014

Thank you so much for applying to the UNGEI Fund for Documentation of Good Practice. We have received over 300 applications from across the globe and we are still in the process of reviewing all applications to identify the 15 good practices we will support this year. The high volume of proposals has meant that our review process is delayed.

The review process includes:

1. Proposals which met the guidelines and criteria in the Call for Proposals proceeded to the second round.
Proposals which did not qualify in the first round of review were informed in February 2014. Unfortunately, we are not be able to provide detailed individual responses to each applicant due to the volume of applications received.

2. The remaining proposals are being reviewed by an expert team constituted by the members of UNGEI, its network and other experts.
Successful and unsuccessful candidates from the second round will be informed by 25 April 2014.

Thank you for you interest and patience. For clarifications please contact Alexandra dos Reis.


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