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Call for Applications: Brooking's Echidna Global Scholars Program

The Echidna Global Scholars Program is a visiting fellowship hosted by the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at the Brookings Institution. The program aims to build the research and analytical skills of NGO leaders and academics from developing countries. Echidna Scholars spend four to six months at Brookings pursuing research on global education issues, with a specific focus on improving learning opportunities and outcomes for girls in the developing world. Upon completion of their fellowship, CUE supports the scholars in implementing an action plan that applies their new skills and expertise to share with their home institutions.

During their residency at Brookings, Echidna Scholars work with CUE staff to develop a research project. They draw upon Brookings’ intellectual capital and convening power, as well as the extended public policy community in Washington through meetings and conferences, and through networking with the broader international development community.

This program is made possible by the generous contribution of The Echidna Giving Fund.

The program is now accepting applications for the Echidna Global Scholars Program for 2014. The deadline to apply is 5 January 2014. 

Please click here for more information or to apply. Please email for additional information on this program.


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