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Global Partnership for Education and United Nations Girls' Education Initiative Agree to Work Together on Girls' Education and Gender Equality

12 July 2013

In a Statement of Intent, the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) agreed to support girls' education and gender equality at the global and country level. The Statement of Intent was signed by Alice Albright, Chief-Executive-Officer of GPE and Nora Fyles, Head of the Secretariat of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative. UNGEI brings strong expertise and experience related to girls’ education and gender equality. Its broad network of technical specialists around the world will help strengthen GPE's global processes and country policies to support developing countries with education funding to get all children in school and learning.

The two organizations highlight two specific areas for cooperation:

At the country level: GPE developing country partners with significant gender disparities in primary school enrollment, student retention and primary school completion will be eligible for technical assistance from UNGEI. Such technical assistance may include a gender analysis to ensure gender issues are integrated in education sector plans, the development of gender indicators for progress monitoring, and knowledge sharing of good practices to ensure girls are learning and achieving in a safe and supportive learning environment.

At the global level: UNGEI and GPE will collaborate in the development of gender-related policies, frameworks and tools to support the implementation of GPE’s Strategic Plan 2012-2015. Special focus will be on GPE’s objective to ensure that “all girls in GPE-endorsed countries successfully complete primary school and go to secondary school in a safe, supportive learning environment.”

UNGEI: Nora Fyles, Head, UNGEI Secretariat
GPE: Koli Banik, GPE Lead on Girls’ Education and Gender



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