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EAP UNGEI Newsletter: Achieving Gender Equality in Education for Children with Disabilities

Marginalization of children with disabilities intersects with gender based discrimination and girls with disabilities are among the least likely to receive an education. Surveys in 51 countries found 50.6 per cent of males with a disability had completed primary school compared with 61.3 without disabilities. Females with a disability reported 41.7 per cent primary school completion compared with 52.9 per cent of those without disabilities (WHO, 2011).

Education for all children cannot be achieved without the inclusion of girls and boys with disabilities. Ensuring effective policies and programmes will require investment in focused research and in depth analysis to examine how different children are affected and how areas of marginalization intersect. The girl child with a disability warrants attention in education discourse, policy and practice. This edition of the EAP UNGEI newsletter is focused on highlighting the issues affecting girls with disabilities in the East Asia and the Pacific.

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