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E-Discussion Forum - Gender equality in education: Looking beyond parity - 26 March to 6 April 2012

Globally, 39 million girls are currently not enrolled in either primary or secondary education, while two–thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate adults are women. Only about one third of countries have achieved gender parity at secondary level. The evidence shows that something needs to change.

The IIEP 2012 e-forum will build on the IIEP evidence-based policy forum of the same title held in October 2011 as part of the comprehensive follow-up on forum recommendations proposed by participants. In order to ensure continual collaboration on issues relating to gender, the online forum will bring together a number of actors, including participants who were unable to attend the IIEP evidence-based policy forum in 2011, to carry on this knowledge exchange.

The e-forum will resume the debate initiated during this event on how the education system can function pro-actively in the equal interests of girls and of boys, men and women, on an interactive virtual platform. It will look at evidence, experience, and research from around the world at two different levels. Firstly, at the school and classroom levels through analysis of gender differences in student learning achievement; and secondly to examine how gender equality can be enhanced in relation to educational leadership in planning and management.

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A report on Policy Forum discussions and the papers and PowerPoints presented at the Forum have just been released. The videos of the opening ceremonies and the keynote speeches will be available in March at the launch of the e-forum.

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