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ASPBAE Basic Leadership Development Course

What is the Basic Leadership Development Course?

The Basic Leadership Development Course, or the BLDC, is a significant learning event hosted by ASPBAE for its members on the 12 - 17 September 2011 in Medan, Indonesia. It is an induction to its network and to adult education work regionally and globally. The course aims to expand the ‘leadership corps’ in the Asia South Pacific region committed to the right of all to learn, and to promote the learning needs and interests of marginalized groups.

The interactive course highlights, among other things, innovative initiatives of civil society organizations and focuses on themes such as human rights and gender justice to steer a comprehensive training programme on adult education. The BLDC is ASPBAE’s flagship programme that contributes to improving the impact of its education movement in the region.

The ASPBAE Basic Leadership Development Course provides opportunities for adult educators to:-

    Share, learn and apply adult learning principles and practices to development issues and challenges in the Asia-Pacific region
    Engage with each other on shared goals
    Develop leadership capabilities in policy advocacy
    Promote regional networks for adult education
    Focus on gender awareness, regional diversity, and cultural sensitivities
    Gain a better understanding of and develop a commitment to ASPBAE

Today, approximately every 7 in 10 adults worldwide are illiterate and the Asia South Pacific is home to more than two thirds of them. The persistence of illiteracy and lack of education opportunities is a major constraint for development in the region. Addressing a shortfall of qualified personnel and well-defined training programmes, through initiatives such as the BLDC, is at the heart of scaling up literacy programmes, particularly for youth and adults.

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