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FAWE and CODESRIA launch phase II of FAWE-Norad gender and education research initiative


FAWE has partnered with the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) to launch phase II of an initiative that aims to support gender research by African women to enhance girls’ education in sub-Saharan Africa and facilitate the integration of gender into education policy and practice in the region.

FAWE and CODESRIA are hosting a workshop in Dakar, Senegal, from 17 to 18 January 2011 to provide an opportunity for research teams working in Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria and Rwanda to exchange research and gender expertise. The workshop will be a forum for research teams to discuss the key questions and objectives of phase II of the FAWE-Norad gender research initiative, present methodological approaches, share experiences and challenges and create linkages.

Launched in 2009, with the support of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), the initiative seeks to set the agenda on gender and education in sub-Saharan Africa and constructively engage with government and policy-makers and other regional bodies on the appropriate approaches and strategies to adopt in terms of women’s rights in education. The broader goal of the partnership is to provide a platform for academic researchers to widen their engagement and influence in the education policy and practice arenas through collaborative gender research.

Over the coming six months, research teams will work in the following areas:

  • Kenya - Kenyatta University Institute for Research, Science and Technology - Factors that influence the extent to which government and universities formulate and implement gender equity policies and programmes in Kenya
  • Liberia - University of Maryland - Increasing female teachers in African primary education: barriers and policies
  • Malawi - University of Malawi - Gender equity and achievement in primary schools (Anglophone/Lusophone Africa)
  • Nigeria - Covenant University - Gender gaps and career choices: A study of accounting students in Nigerian universities
  • Rwanda - Kigali Institute of Education - Evaluation of UNICEF child-friendly schools and FAWE girls’ schools

With all of these report projects already in the early stages in each of the countries, a second research workshop will be held in Mahe, Seychelles, in late February to present preliminary findings to Norad and FAWE’s other financial partners.


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