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Request for Proposals to Design and Implement the Evaluation for Cross-national Evaluation of the Girls’ Education Program

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Room to Read is seeking proposals from qualified organizations to design and implement a crossnational evaluation of our Girls’ Education program. The period of performance includes 2011 as a planning year as well as 2012-2014 for data collection, analysis, and reporting. The evaluation will take place in four countries that represent the geographical diversity of program implementation: Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Zambia. The primary goals of the evaluation are to examine the extent to which the program is being implemented as it has been envisioned in the Girls’ Education Program Strategy(2010) as well as the extent to which effective implementation (of individual activities as well as thecomprehensive set of activities overall) is promoting the intended program outcomes.

This Request for Proposals describes the Girls’ Education program, expectations for the evaluation, and instructions for proposals. Attachments include summaries of Room to Read’s overall strategic plan (2010-2014), the related strategic plan for the Girls’ Education program (2010-2014), and the 2009 global monitoring report. Detailed copies of these documents will be made available to the organization selected to implement the evaluation.

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