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Renewing commitments to end poverty by 2015

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World leaders – possibly the largest-ever gathering of heads of state – will meet at the United Nations from 20-22 September. The aim is to galvanize support for accelerated actions to turn commitments made 10 years ago at the Millennium Development Summit into reality, a reality that will mean better and healthier lives for millions of people around the world.

Development experts agree that meeting the eight Millennium Development Goals will require greater attention to the overlapping areas of UNFPA’s work: reproductive health, the empowerment of women and young people, and population trends and dynamics.

MDG5, which calls for universal access to reproductive health and improved maternal health, touches on all these issues: When women and young people have control over their reproductive lives, they become a powerful agents for development. Progress for women and young people has wide ripple effects – within families, throughout communities and countries, and across generations. And it has implications for each of the Millennium Development Goals.

Thus, investing in the health and rights of women and young people is not only the right thing to do. It is smart economics and smart development. UNFPA urges the heads of state gathered for the 2010 Millennium Development Review Summit to prioritize reproductive health in global health financing and health system strengthening. It also encourages the building of statistical capacities of countries so they can measure their progress. These actions will serve as a final push for achievement of the MDGs.

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Specific Events
UN Summit on MDGs: High Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly
20-22 September 2010, UN Headquarters in New York

Launch of SG’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health
The UN Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health will be presented at the upcoming MDG Summit at a special session convened by the UN Secretary-General on 22 September. The Heads of State of 26 high-burden priority countries have been invited to attend the session and to announce new resources, a change or shift in policy and/or new commitments to service delivery in the area of women's and children's health, all of which will contribute towards saving 16 million lives by 2015.


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