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2010 MDG Review Summit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the 2010 MDG Summit? 

The MDG Review Summit, officially called the High-level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly, will take place during 20 – 22 September in New York and is hosted by the Secretary-General. The objective is to take stock of proven initiatives that made progress on the Goals and for governments to commit to a concrete action agenda to achieve the MDGs, as well as other internationally agreed development goals. The Summit will comprise six plenary meetings and six closed roundtable sessions over the course of three days.


Q. What will make the Summit a success?

A successful summit should generate a renewed political commitment to achieve the MDGs and lead to a global action agenda for accelerating progress towards the Goals.


Q. Are there still opportunities to influence the negotiations process?

Negotiations are currently on-going, with many changes already brought to the “zero Draft” version. The co-facilitators had originally indicated that they had no objections for NGOs with UN accreditation to observe the negotiations. However, some Member States have since voiced objections, so the negotiations are likely to be considered closed to NGOs.

NGOs are of course encouraged to lobby governments outside the negotiations on specific issues. The language contained in the GA President’s summary of the Hearings is organized in the form of specific recommendations. As an official document of the Summit preparatory process, it might provide a useful advocacy tool for NGOs to use with governments in the current negotiations.

The NGLS/UN Millennium Campaign MDG summit website also provides a space for civil society organizations to post their position papers and statements. Many organizations have already done so. In order for NGLS to post any substantive position paper/statement, please send an electronic version to: (subject: MDG summit).

Q. What about Side Events?

Many side events (also referred to as ’partnership events’) are open to civil society representatives and other interested stakeholders. However, in order to attend side events that are taking place inside UN Headquarters and the immediate vicinity, you must be registered with the event organizer.

- The webpage to view the calendar of side events is accessible at:

This calendar also contain the contact information for the individual event organizers.

- To read a one-page document that explains the security arrangements for civil society during the Summit, click here. You are encouraged to read this document to best understand how the security arrangements will work.


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