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The Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality (E4) Conference

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Laughing children run out of their classroom at recess in a primary school in Bangui, the capital.

The Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality (E4) conference, organized by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative in collaboration with Beyond Access team, coordinated from the Institute of Education, University of London, is scheduled to take place between 17th and 20th May 2010, in Dakar, Senegal. It speaks to the goal of strengthening and expanding partnerships for girls’ education around the most pressing obstacles many girls face in pursuit of education.

In the run up to the face-to-face conference an online e-conference will be held over a period of 5 weeks, between 12th April and 14th May. Attendance at the Dakar conference is by invitation only, the e-conference is open to all.

Both conferences will examine issues of violence, poverty and educational quality and their intersections with participation, climate change and health.
Each week the e-conference will focus on one of the themes emerging from the situation analysis produced for the conference:

Participate in the e-conference

April 12th – 16th Poverty, intersecting inequalities and girls’ rights to education

April 19th – 23rd Quality education for gender equality

April 26th – 30th Breaking the silence: contesting violence and girls’ education

May 3rd – 7th Connecting social policy: climate change, health, AIDS and girls’ education

May 10th – 14th Convergence week
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