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G(irls)20 Summit

The Belinda Stronach Foundation along with its partners are pleased to announce the launch of and the G(irls)20 Summit!This website is the hub of our global, viral campaign to demonstrate the prowess of girls and women and to show how they can be agents of change toward economic prosperity and political and social stability.
In partnership with Google, this vehicle invites girls, women, boys and men to engage in creating ideas and solutions that are tangible and will help to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), specifically improving child and maternal health, providing universal education and eradicating poverty.
The viral campaign will culminate in the first ever G(irls) 20 Summit from June 16-18th, 2010  when 20 girls from 20 different countries will come together to debate the top 10 suggestions from the viral campaign and provide concrete, scalable and implementable  solutions/ideas to the G20 leaders.
Please remember that this is a very time sensitive campaign and we need your help to spread the campaign to all corners of the world so the voices of these girls can be heard. Applications for Summit Participants are due on April 30th so please do encourage the girls you work with in the G20 countries to apply. If you have comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation at 416-531-1919 or at Visit for updates, a draft Summit Agenda and announcements about our celebrity supporters! Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and support....please participate yourselves by sharing your ideas, signing up for your number and then getting it out there and disseminating, engaging and recruiting!

Belinda & Farah


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