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Special podcast: Women and girls tell their stories through film and radio documentaries

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In remote northeastern Zambia, women who have never before been exposed to technology learn how to produce their own film in order to break the silence about HIV/AIDS in their community.

NEW YORK, USA, 3 June 2008 – Click here to listen to a UNICEF Radio podcast discussion on documentaries about women and girls in southern Africa, featuring:

Ann Cotton, Executive Director of the Campaign for Female Education (Camfed, a non-governmental organization fighting poverty and HIV/AIDS in rural Africa); David Eberts, director of the film ‘Where the Water Meets the Sky’; and Joe Richman, award-winning independent producer, and executive producer of the radio production ‘Thembi’s AIDS Diary’.

The guests discuss how the documentary process can benefit the subjects who tell their stories, helping them to gain some agency over their lives and inform people about the realities that their communities face. The discussion centres around two powerful documentaries.

Stories from Zambia and South Africa

‘Where the Water Meets the Sky’ is being screened at the Jackson Hole Film Festival in Wyoming this week. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the film tells the inspiring story of 23 girls and young women from Samfya, a remote region of Zambia, who have never before been exposed to technology. The women come together to learn how to produce their own film as an opportunity to speak out about their lives and lead change in their communities.

Learn more about ‘Where the Water Meets the Sky’.

‘Thembi’s AIDS Diary’ focuses on Thembi Ngubane, a 19-year-old from the township of Khayelitsa, South Africa. Thembi spent more than a year carrying a tape recorder and keeping an audio diary of her struggle to live with AIDS. Two years ago, her story aired on National Public Radio in the US, and in the UK, Australia and Canada, and she travelled to the United States to present her story. In March 2007, ‘Thembi's AIDS Diary’ was heard in South Africa for the first time.

Listen to‘Thembi’s AIDS Diary’.


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Moderator Amy Costello interviews Ann Cotton, David Eberts and Joe Richman on storytelling about development and social issues.

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