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Statement by Cheryl Gregory Faye, Head of UNGEI Secretariat, on the occasion of Global Action Week 2008

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Singer Shakira serves as honorary chairperson for Global Action Week 2008.

NEW YORK, 22 April 2008 – This year, Global Action Week focuses on the theme 'Quality Education to End Exclusion'. This theme recognizes the need for quality education for children everywhere, in school and out. Ensuring a quality education includes identifying the social, economic and environmental needs of the child in order to provide a space for better learning and care.

We know that quality education is a critical component of achieving gender equality. Girls who receive a quality education are more empowered, better prepared to protect themselves against violence, abuse, exploitation and trafficking, and less vulnerable to disease.

We also know that the majority of the millions of girls who are not attending school around the world often suffer from multiple discriminations, particularly when they are members of groups that are socially marginalized or excluded in the countries where they live.

During Global Action Week 2008 we re-emphasize the importance of quality education, which addresses education as a fundamental human right. Children have the right to an education regardless of gender, race, colour, language, religion, economic status, birth status or ability.  Quality education begins by positioning children and their rights at the centre of all discussions and decisions related to their schooling.

The UNGEI partnership, as the flagship of the Education for All movement for girls’ education, stands together in proud support of the global effort this week to give attention to children everywhere – girls and boys alike.

We cannot afford to allow another generation to be excluded.

Global Action Week runs from 21–27 April. For more information, please visit the Global Campaign for Education website:


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