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Top 10 stories 2007 for education and gender equality

The communication team for education and gender equality, working closely with the UNGEI partners, brings its multi-media expertise to bear on MDG 2 - achieving universal primary education - and MDG 3 - promoting gender equality and empowering women. What follows, in loose chronological order, are ten of the top stories for 2007 (plus three we couldn't leave out.) Look for more in 2008.

1. The commitment of Jordan's Queen Rania to education and child survival
2. UNICEF and the Netherlands: A cultural revolution in global partnerships for education
3. Nearly 3 million African children back to school as crises abate
4. UN conference focuses on the lives of girls
5. Voices of girls rise above the din
6. Schoolchildren under attack
7. UNGEI champions for education and gender equality
8. Angelique Kidjo's scholarships for girls receive international raves
9. Education wikis make boring reports come alive (password: gogirls)
10. New podcast discussions on education in emergencies and post-crisis countries
11. China, the Women's World Cup and child-friendly schools
12. UNGEI shows progress in the regions
13. Education - "They can't take that away from me" Ishmael Beah


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