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CAMFED Director Wins International Prize

CAMFED Zimbabwe Director Angeline Mugwendere

October 2006 – We are delighted to announce that the Women’s World Summit Foundation in Switzerland has awarded Angeline Mugwendere the Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life.

Angeline was one of the first to be supported through school by CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education). Rural poverty almost forced her to drop out.

Angeline – who is now Director of CAMFED Zimbabwe – is the youngest of 14 laureates to be awarded the international prize this year. She will receive US $3,000 to invest in her work with girls and young women.

“When I first heard the news, I burst into tears,” says Angeline, “tears of joy because this prize means so much to me and to fellow women in the rural areas to be recognised on an international platform in this way.

I accept this prize on behalf of my dear friends at primary school who did not get the same chance to remain in school as I did. It is a cause for celebration for my community that they have all rallied around me to the point I emerged as a winner of this award today.

I am truly grateful to all who have held a ladder for me while I climbed. I got this far because they believed in me and let me be myself. The chance to remain in school was the foundation.

This prize marks another landmark in my pursuit of justice for women and justice for the poor. I say so with confidence because I am not alone in this struggle. Thousands of young rural women across Africa feel the same way and continue to give their best to this quest. We are young rural women living through difficult times. The present is full of challenges and inequities. And yet, I believe that the future holds huge promise if rural women’s creativity continues to be recognised, rewarded and celebrated.

We have come a long way and achieved so much. But we still have so much more to do to live up to our values, and we will not be satisfied until we have achieved far more. And that we will do!

I know my late grandma is singing and dancing, wherever she is. My mother just burst into tears. It is her dream coming to fruition through me and rightly so, as she worked so hard for it.

My very great thanks to the World Women’s Summit Foundation!”

Read more about Angie’s inspiring story in CAMFED’s book, I Have a Story to Tell.


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