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EAP UNGEI: Newsline

East Asia and Pacific Regional Gender Forum

The East Asia Pacific Regional United Nations Girls' Education Initiative (EAP UNGEI) is holding a Regional Forum on Gender Equality in Education on 28-29 August 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. The Forum brings together Regional and Global UNGEI members and high-level education stakeholders including representatives from governments, CSOs, donor agencies, academia and other experts, to share good practices and discuss key gender in education issues in the East Asia Pacific region.

The Regional UNGEI is a network of experts and organizations promoting the right to education and gender equality for all. The network aims to strengthen programmes for girls’ education by ensuring national education plans are gender responsive. We believe that working together for gender equality is critical for building equitable, cohesive and peaceful societies. By speaking with one voice, the network has played a significant role in ensuring that all girls and boys have the right to education. Nevertheless, gender inequalities in education persist throughout our region. To address these gender inequalities we need to ensure girls and boys experience the same high quality education and learning.

The broad objectives of the Forum are to build a shared vision of gender equality in education (and beyond) in the region, to share knowledge of good practices, and to increase understandings of how to implement gender equality in education policies and programmes. The Forum aspires to build momentum in addressing two key areas of UNGEI’s work: School-Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV), and Marginalisation and Gender Inequalities in Education.

This Forum is supported by UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Forum (UNICEF EAPRO), as the host agency for the East Asia Pacific UN Girls’ Education Initiative, and partners in the region.



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