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Global Action Week 2013


Every Child Needs a Teacher

61 million children are not in primary school. The biggest thing we can do to give them their right to education is make sure they have access to a trained teacher.

Considering the demand for new teaching posts and assuming the pool of teachers is shrinking at a rate of 5%, the world will need to recruit 6.8 million teachers between 2010 and 2015.

The South and West Asia sub-region alone will need 114,000 new teaching positions. East Asia and the Pacific will need to recruit 62,000 and Central Asia, 24,000 new teachers.

The theme of this year’s Global Action Week (GAW) 2013 is “Every Child Needs a Teacher”. To mark the week and celebrate the winners of the UNGEI Drawing Contest 2012-2013 EAP UNGEI has created a picture set using the winning drawings to illustrate GAW’s key messages for 2013.

Click here to see the drawings and read the key messages


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