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Winners of the UNGEI Drawing Contest 2012-2013 Announced!

Partners of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) and South Asia (SA) are pleased to announce the winners of the UNGEI Drawing Contest 2012-2013 on promoting gender equality in education.

The theme of this year’s contest was ‘What can a teacher do to ensure girls and boys benefit equally from quality education?’ The contest was open to all nationals and residents in the Asia-Pacific region aged 18 years or under. We received more than 800 entries from across the region. Thank you to all who participated!

56 drawings were shortlisted for public vote and one drawing from each of the participating countries has been selected by the public.

Congratulations to all the winners!

List of winning entries:
Please note winners are listed in alphabetical order by country name

  • Dipta, 12 years, Bangladesh
  • Karau, 18 years, Bhutan
  • Wing Sum, 16 years, China
  • Yashwant. V, 8 years, India
  • Nandarie Rahma, 10 years, Indonesia
  • Katya, 10 years, Kazakhstan
  • Saichai, 13 years, Lao PDR
  • Wern Sze, 15 years, Malaysia
  • Azha, 13 years, Maldives
  • Ankit, 9 years, Nepal
  • Zaigham Nisar, 11 years, Pakistan
  • Lord Ahzrin, 11 years, Philippines
  • Shanika Rangani, 16 years, Sri Lanka
  • Pkamon, 17 years, Thailand
  • Huyen, 13 years, Vietnam

Awards: Winning drawings will be posted on the organisers’ websites and featured in a notebook and a lesson plan for teachers produced by UNGEI, which will be distributed throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Winners will receive an official certificate of merit and three copies of the notebook each.

Copyright: By submitting a drawing, the contestant grants the organising agency-members of UNGEI (EAP and SA) the right to use the entry and his/her first name, country name and age for credit purposes in publications, presentations, websites, documents and promotional materials related to the work of the aforementioned organisations, without any compensation, notification, or permission. No other identifying information will be published.


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