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EAP UNGEI IdeaCube calls for public action

EAP UNGEI joins 100 artists in the world’s first citywide ideas exhibition in Bangkok to call for more public action in various issues through the IdeaCube initiative lead by the organization, MySocialMotion (   

The one cubic meter cube designed by EAP UNGEI is a collage of drawings from the 2011 EAP/SA UNGEI Drawing Contest and will be displayed at Siam Discovery, 6th floor until the end of May.  The cube’s specific call for action is to, “Ask one boy and one girl in your community “how will education help you succeed in life?”  If they do not have an answer, help them find one”.  Alongside the beautiful drawings, each side also highlights various messages and facts related to gender equality in education such as:

-  Almost two-thirds of out-of-school girls globally belong to ethnic minority groups.
-  Mother tongue-based education helps children perform better, feel more confident and stay in school longer.
-  Close-knit communities can help provide and encourage girls and boys to practice communication and other life skills that are essential for their future careers.
-  Access to physical education and sport increases confidence and social integration for girls and women, while also breaking down prejudices that contribute to women’s social vulnerability.

Everyone is also asked to be part of the action to promote gender equality in education by answering the two questions below via Facebook by 31 May 2012.

1) What is the most important feature of a high quality education for girls?
2) What is the most important feature of a high quality education for boys?

A. Quality teachers
B. Facilities for sports and recreation
C. Learning in the mother-tongue language
D. Preparation for a good job
E. Learning life skills
F. Having a diverse range of subjects
G. Access to computers and the Internet
H. All of the above
I. Other, please specify

If you are in Bangkok, we highly encourage you to visit the cube too.  Join the cause – make a difference! 


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