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Global Action Week lesson plan and drawing contest!

In over 100 countries all over the world, millions of children and adults will be participating in the Big Story, to listen to inspiring stories of remarkable women and girls who have made it through school, some of them, despite many odds stacked against them. If you are a principal, teacher or education practitioner, we encourage you to also participate in this lesson plan too!

The Big Story Lesson is on the importance of women and girls having an education. Many women and girls cannot read or write because they have never been to school. Some have been to school, but had to drop out because there was no money to send them to school. Leaders have promised that they will create conditions that make it possible for women and girls to go to school and we hope that this promise is kept in 2011.

The children in your communities and schools will have the chance to join with millions of others and be part of this exciting global event. The lesson plan experience will be shared with UNGEI partners across the region particularly through the drawing activity at the end of the lesson.  

With special thanks to all of our EAP UNGEI partners, we have been able to translate the Global Action Week lesson plan and drawing contest packet into various regional languages and encourage you to download and implement it during this year's Global Action Week (2-8 May 2011) or even thereafter. 

- Bahasa Indonesia
- Bengali
- Chinese
- English
- Hindi
- Japanese
- Khmer
- Korean
- Lao
- Marathi
- Mongolian
- Myanmar
- Nepali
- Pidgin
- Singhala 
- Tagalog
- Tamil
- Tetun
- Thai
- Urdu
- Vietnamese

Please feel free to forward this link to schools and communities in your country.  Also, check out what else is being done during Global Action Week around the world!



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