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EAP UNGEI: Regional Partners

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) East Asia and Pacific Regional Office

The UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO) works with multiple partners and networks in the region to achieve gender equality in education.  In addition to supporting and hosting the EAP UNGEI Secretariat, UNICEF EAPRO engages in five broad areas of work to ensure gender responsiveness in education:
  • Capacity building: through training workshops and seminars, development of resource materials and providing technical advice and support at country and regional levels, with focus on supporting building technical capacity of countries in evidence-based advocacy and policy development for gender in education.
  • Advocacy: through the use of evidence on gender in education, EFAInfo and other platforms that can provide information  on gender in education, show-casing good practices, and release of joint statements with other partners, and organization of joint events.
  • Knowledge generation: through support for the production of research, publications and resources on gender in education. 
  • Knowledge management:  through support for a wide range of initiatives for the communication and dissemination of information relating to gender-in-education including the Regional UNGEI web-site and participation in national, regional and global fora.
  • Partnerships and collaborations:  through research and advocacy initiatives with regional bodies and networks, such as Regional UNGEI, Regional Thematic Working Group on EFA, Gender in Education Network in Asia (GENIA), Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and the Asia South Pacific Bureau for Adult and Basic Education (ASPBAE), as well as participation in events such as, International Women’s Day event, EFA Action Week, World Day against Child Labour event and engagement with the Regional Thematic Working Group on Gender Equality.

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