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Planís new education strategy maintains a rights-based approach and includes three important priorities in which girlsí and young womenís education is emphasized: equal access, quality and education governance.

Plan works locally, nationally and internationally to influence and improve both education institutions and the systems that govern them. It addresses the institutional and systemic causes of access, quality and education governance issues. Plan also promotes and supports child-friendly and gender-sensitive learning environments through strategic partnerships with communities and alliances with other stakeholders. Planís work places particular emphasis on the following:

  • Governments must promote, protect and fulfil the rights of all children to education without discrimination and exclusion of any kind.
  • Childrenís education from pre-primary to grade eight and basic life skills education of youth and adults, including literacy and numeracy, should be free.
  • Governments must also commit to making secondary and higher education free within a realistic period of time.
  • The learning environment, curriculum and process of learning should develop the human personality, promote gender equality and respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • Governments must ensure that educational institutions are learner-friendly, safe places and have norms and procedures in place to deter gender-based violence.
  • Rights holders as individuals, groups and communities must develop their capacities of counter gender and other forms of direct and indirect discrimination and the denial of their right to quality education.

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