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APYouthNet E-Discussion On Education And Skills To Improve Employment For Young People

The Asia Pacific Knowledge Network on Youth Employment (APYouthNet) is a community of practice that connects youth employment experts from across the Asia Pacific region.  As part of its services, APYouthNet hosts regularly scheduled e-discussion forums to allow members to harness the existing pool of knowledge and expertise within the community and beyond to discuss and address issues related to youth employment.

The most recent forum in July, moderated by EAP UNGEI co-chair, Mr. Jon Kapp, focused on the issue of “education and skills training to improve the employability of young people”. In particular, the forum’s participants debated on how education and training systems can be better matched to labour-market demand; and how rights to equality in education and employment can be upheld for all young people, regardless of gender, socio-economic status, location and other disparities.

Skills mismatch was seen as a persistent and significant challenge throughout the region, emphasizing the importance of accessible, relevant and quality education to all starting from the earliest years of schooling as a critical first step towards skills training, higher education and ultimately productive employment. Beyond these challenges, many countries also grapple with socio-cultural attitudes (including gender disparities) which steer children through, or push many out of the school or technical training systems and hamper their future employment prospects.

To read many of the solutions that have already been introduced in the region and view the consolidated reply of this discussion forum, please click here.

The third e-discussion forum of the APYouthNet will begin on November 23 and will focus on the rights and conditions of young workers. More details can be found at



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