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In 2015, the EAP UNGEI activities focus on four areas:

  1. Enhanced focus on marginalised and excluded groups 
  2. Reduction/elimination of school-related gender-based violence  
  3. Improved learning outcomes for girls
  4. Increased number of girls transitioning to secondary education / accessing post-primary opportunities

The EAP UNGEI thrives to achieve the below results in 2015:

  1. Awareness raising among government officials and other policy makers in the region to support implementation of gender equality in education activities;
  2. Capacity building of policy makers and key stakeholders to promote implementation of gender equality in education policies;
  3. Development of policies and/or establishment of partnerships for gender equality in education activities in national sector working groups;
  4. Regional and global evidence on gender equality in education compiled and disseminated;
  5. Regional curriculums developed, piloted, and monitored;
  6. Key messages on girls' education and gender equality disseminated through high-quality advocacy materials and knowledge products;
  7. Regional partnerships to collaborate for strengthening national partnerships; and
  8. National partnerships established or strengthened explicitly addressing gender.

We also seek to build national and regional capacities through workshops, resource materials and providing technical support.

We strive to bring together regional and national partners, and look forward to strengthening methods of knowledge dissemination, advocacy and outreach effectiveness.


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