Equals: Issue 16, January-March 2006 (2005)

Newsletter for Beyond Access: Gender, Education and Development

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Publication Date: 2005
Author/Publisher: Beyond Access
Language: English, Spanish, French, Bangla

Download: PDF: English, Spanish, French, Bangla

Issue 16 looks back to the Beijing meetings on education that took place at the end of 2005 and considers opportunities and challenges for making progress on gender equality in education as we move into 2006. To mark the Global Campaign for Education’s Global Action Week (24-29 April), which is focused on teachers, it also includes two “Talking with Teachers” articles in which teachers from South Africa and South Asia reflect on how they are tackling issues such as HIV/AIDS and gender violence. Other features include an analysis of the impact of the South Asia Earthquake on the lives and education of girls and women, and reviews of the 2006 Global Monitoring Report, and the Beyond Access Programme Insights Papers.


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