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#NotMySchool Campaign Global Youth Call To Action: Take it forward


“It is essential that we don’t stop talking about SRGBV now. The fight has just begun… If each of us ensures that when it comes to SRGBV, it’s #NotMySchool, we can make schools much safer for girls and boys across the world.”

- Mohamed Sidibay, education and peace activist

In the lead up to International Youth Day UNGEI hosted a youth-led campaign to break the silence around school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV). The #NotMySchool Campaign brought together activists from across the world to share experiences and ideas around tackling gender-based violence and making schools safe spaces.  Through videos, blog posts and myriad other actions, the campaign reached and engaged millions of people globally in an effort to inspire real and lasting change.

A Call to Action

Determined to carry forward the activism ignited through the campaign, the youth leaders again came together to produce the Not My School Global Youth Call to Action to Eliminate SRGBV, which we are officially launching today.

The Call To Action (CTA) is an appeal to governments, educators, fellow youth and the global community to adopt practical measures identified through the course of the campaign to be effective strategies for addressing SRGBV.  It is a tool designed to galvanise action among all stakeholders and to hold all actors accountable for doing their part to eliminate gender-based violence in and around schools.

Change can happen-with your help

The Not My School Call To Action is part of a wider youth-led movement to not only eliminate social and gender norms at the root of SRGBV, but to encourage the recognition of young people as partners in decision making processes. The CTA represents not just words on paper, but rather the voices of global youth. With your help, we can make this document come to life.

This is what you can do to help make this happen:

- Share the Call To Action (CTA) across your social media channels, with your school, teachers, peers, and local representatives.

- Use the document as a template to write your own CTA to address SRGBV and other challenges that young people are facing in and around schools and in your community.

- If you are a writer, become an UNGEI #YouthLeads blogger and share your thoughts on how to tackle SRGBV.

If you missed the #NotMySchool Campaign, you can listen, watch and read about it here. This is an ongoing campaign, so, if you’re keen, join the movement by writing your own blog, producing your own video and recording your own voice. We’re all in this together.


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