Report from the 3rd MHM in Ten Meeting

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Author/Publisher: UNICEF, Columbia University 
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The third annual MHM in Ten meeting, which was held on 26 October 2016, further expanded the group of participants, including additional representation from national partners, such as national women’s unions, and increased representation from the range of sectors noted above. The meeting reflected on the status of the five priorities, including barriers and enablers to making progress, and introduced new topics of relevance, such as the intersection of the MHM in Ten agenda with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the importance of addressing teacher sensitization and training on MHM, the intersection of sexual and reproductive health with MHM, and the role of addressing equity in order to make progress.

Priority actions identified included identifying a mechanism for further linking the MHM in Ten agenda with progress being made on the SDGs; continuing to build the evidence base on effective MHM interventions in schools in order to inform national government priority setting; expanding opportunities to link MHM with the sexual and reproductive health community, and further engaging relevant national ministries (for example education, health, water, sanitation, and finance) and other relevant national partners on making progress within their countries on the five priorities. Annual meetings will continue to be organized by UNICEF and Columbia University to review progress.



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