Guidance for Developing Gender-Responsive Education Sector Plans

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Author/Publisher: GPE, UNGEI 
Language: English, French, Portuguese

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In 2014, The UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) and Global Partnership for Education launched an initiative to design a tool to support GPE developing country partners in preparing gender-responsive Education Sector Plans (ESPs).

The Guidance for Developing Gender-Responsive Education Sector Plans was developed through a participatory approach, which included consultative workshops for education sector stakeholders in Malawi, Guinea, and Eritrea. The new guidance is designed to supplement and enhance the existing tools on education sector analysis and plan preparation and appraisal.

Guidance Highlights

Education systems will need to change and improve, using time, funding and human resources wisely in order to deliver better quality education and learning for all, and to meet the expectations set out in the SDG goals. It is hoped that these guidelines contribute in a meaningful way to that endeavor.

These guidelines offer the opportunity to reflect personally and professionally, alone and in teams, on issues relating to gender equality. They include background information and a series of practical exercises on how to conduct gender-sensitive quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis and interpretation, and on using the findings to enhance the sector planning process.

The guidelines are intended for use alongside the GPE/ UNESCO/World Bank/UNICEF Education Sector Analysis Methodological Guidelines and the GPE-IIEP Education Sector Plan Preparation and Education Sector Plan Appraisal Guidelines, providing additional opportunities for readers to i) identify critical gender disparities and the factors contributing to them; ii) analyze and interpret gender disparities, channeling insights into the education sector plan consultative process; and iii) evaluate the extent to which gender equality issues are understood and addressed in the education sector plan.



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