Rigorous Review: Girls' learning and empowerment - The role of school environments

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Author/Publisher: United Nations Girls' Education Initiative (UNGEI), Overseas Development Initiative (ODI) 
Language: English

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This review of 151 conceptual and empirical studies discusses the evidence on each of these four routes, distilling it to two parts. First, recognising the importance of learning and skills development to girls’ and women’s empowerment, the review brings together evidence on which kinds of school environment and pedagogical approaches make the greatest contribution to girls’ learning in LMICs, and explores the impacts of attempts to promote gender-sensitive pedagogy. Second, it synthesises the evidence on the impacts of education on girls’ and women’s lives. It draws together evidence of the economic effects of education and impacts on empowerment; on thresholds (minimum levels of education) that underpin changes in these areas, and the contextual factors that strengthen or limit the impacts of education. In so doing, it aims to deepen our understanding of the changes that education can bring, and the factors that limit those changes. 


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