Perspectives on Technology, Resources and Learning: Productive Classroom Practices, Effective Teacher Professional Development.

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Author/Publisher: B. Haßler, L. Major, P. Warwick, S. Watson, S. Hennessy, B. Nicholl
Language: English

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Executive Summary: An effective, high-quality education system is of central societal importance. Educational institutions are embedded in society, and educational practice is shaped by various factors, including norms and values, government policy, the overall availability of resources (including content and technology), as well as research evidence for effective teaching and learning. For several decades, advances in digital technology have led to an increased interest in considering its potential applications in the education sector. More recently, the increased affordability of low-cost mobile technology has sparked intense interest and experimentation in the classroom. This experimentation is often characterised by a specific narrow focus (for example, on the technology itself), rather than considering: (i) the wider connections between technology and pedagogy; (ii) what constitutes effective technology-enabled learning environments for children (in the classroom); (iii) corresponding teacher professional development opportunities.


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