Study of Policies and Programmes Addressing the Right of Street Children to Education (2005)

Research Report

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Publication Date: 2005
Author/Publisher: Child Welfare Scheme
Language: English

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This research project analyses the government of Nepal's policies, strategies, and programmes in regard to Non-Formal Education (NFE) for out of school children, particularly street children as their basic fundamental right.

The study addresses some key issues and highlights the initiatives taken by various organisations to address the educational problem for out of school children, particularly street children, in connection to EFA. In particular, it asks: what kinds of policies and strategies is the government putting in place? What are the NGOs and INGOs doing? To what extent are GOs, NGOs, and INGOs dealing with the problem? How is the government dealing with the increasing numbers of unsupervised children living alone in the streets? What roles can NGOs and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) play in addressing the problem of street children's education? [excerpt from Eldis]



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