Denied a Future? (2001)

4 Volume Set about the right to education of Roma/Gypsy and Traveller children in Europe

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Publication Date: 2001
Author/Publisher: Save the Children
Language: English
ISBN: 1-84187-058-7

Download: Volume 1 [PDF]
Volume 2 [PDF]
Volume 3 [PDF]
Summary [PDF]

Across Europe the challenge of providing Roma/Gypsy and Traveller children with access to quality education is not being met. Many school systems continue to marginalise Roma/Gypsy and Traveller children, thereby effectively denying them the chance to reach their full potential.

Denied a Future?: The right to education of Roma/Gypsy and Traveller children examines 14 countries across Europe. It highlights the impact that a lack of personal security and freedom of movement, poverty and powerlessness all have on access to education for Roma/Gypsy and Traveller children.

Denied a Future? describes law, policy and practice in the period June 2000 to June 2001. We intend the report to serve as a benchmark against which the impact of current and future investments by the World Bank, the European Union, national and local governments and other agencies can be assessed.

4 Volume Set
Vol 1 - South-eastern Europe
Vol 2 - Western & Central Europe
Vol 3 - International legislation handbook
Vol 4 - Summary


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