Taking Action: Gender-based Violence in and around Schools in Swaziland and Zimbabwe

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Author/Publisher: Claudia Mitchell, Iwani Mothobi-Tapela / UNICEF ESARO, 2004
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This report maps out a plan of action – action spaces — for addressing gender-based violence drawing from fieldwork in Swaziland and Zimbabwe in the last quarter of 2003. The study involved many stakeholders and young people themselves in a wideranging dialogue on issues related to gender-based violence in and around schools. Addressing gender-based violence is key to accelerating the progress of girls in schools. Schools can only provide quality education through the participation of girls and boys in child friendly schools that foster child development in protective and secure environments. Making schools safe places for learning, however, is not an overnight process; it is something that relies on the cooperation and participation of many partners – committed governments, trained counsellors, trained teachers and informed pupils, parents and communities. The communication strategies and legal frameworks have to be sound, and there has to be the involvement of community groups and organisations that already have an excellent track record of working on issues of abuse and gender-based violence.


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