Infographic: School-related Gender-based Violence in Asia-Pacific

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Author/Publisher: East Asia and Pacific Regional UNGEI, 2014
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Regional Languages: Bahasa | Bengali | Burmese | Chinese | Filipino | Khmer | Korean | Sinhala | Thai | Vietnamese

Gender-related violence in schools is a violation of human rights that also raises additional barriers to learning and can adversely affect the health of young people. In extreme cases it can even drive young people to suicide. Studies also show that violence begets violence, perpetuating a vicious cycle that can last generations.

Partners in the East Asia Pacific UN Girlsí Education Initiative (UNGEI) and the Secretary-Generalís UNiTE to End Violence against Women (UNiTE) campaign work together to ensure that students have the best possible opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and resources they need to reach their potential in a safe, nurturing environment. This includes working to promote gender equality, non-violence and acceptance.

On the International Day of the Girl Child 2014, these networks launched a social media campaign to mobilize policy-makers, the education sector and youth as well as to invite discussion and action on this blight to our regionís education systems. The principles underlying the campaign are captured in this infographic, which explains SRGBV and how it threatens our childrenís futures


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