Addressing School Related Gender Based Violence: Learning from Practice

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Author/Publisher: Irish Consortium on Gender Based Violence
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School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) is a fundamental violation of human rights, particularly those of women and children, and represents a considerable barrier to participation in education, gender equity and to the achievement of Education for All and the Millennium Development goals (MDGs). SRGBV generally refers to violence inflicted on children in, around, or on their way to or from school, due to stereotypes and roles or norms attributed to or expected of them, on the basis of their sex or gendered identity.

The various forms of SRGBV include verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or symbolic violence and includes both bullying and cyber-bullying. SRGBV also refers to the ways in which experiences of, and vulnerabilities to, violence may be gendered.

This learning brief is based on research shared at a learning day on School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV), organised by the Irish Consortium on Gender Based Violence, at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle.


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