Violence against Adolescent Girls: A Fundamental Challenge to Meaningful Equality

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Author/Publisher: Bruce, Judith, Population Council, 2011
Download: English

Societies, rich and poor alike, are increasingly articulating commitments that guarentee girls safe and equal access to entitlements, services, social participation, and economic opportunities. Yet threats of violence in many forms - culturally affirmed (child marriage, female genital mutilation), intimate (carried out by family members and partners), casual (carried out by strangers), and planned (trafficking) - intervene to prevent girls from claiming their rights.

This report is part of the Girls First! series. It provides a snapshot of the knowledge base and puts forward innovative arguments for investing in girls and highlight promising practices. It expresses a forward-looking and evidence-based point of view on where the field must allocate resources in order to most quickly and effectively improve girls' lives.


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